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Most Wanted -do you know these roses?
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  These roses are unidentified - if you know who they are, please contact Trevor Inkpen.
Rambler, 15-20 feet along a fence, clusters of 1 1/2" almost-rosette blooms in a strong pink to light red, repeats well.
Sold as "White Greenhouse Climbing Miniature", climbs to 5 feet, slender dark red stems like Cecile Brunner but with a few thorns. Plump tea shaped buds mature into pompom style 1 inch yellow-white flowers. Despite the "greenhouse" name, it has proven to be quite tough in the garden.
Moss Rose, very double, stong pink to magenta/red, buds and stems heavily mossed in light green.
Miniature, yellow, pointed petals.
This smallish rose with a delicate apricot tint was sold as Sharifa Asma. Blooms about 2.5 to 3 inches, slightly ruffled petals. Has an air of Austin about it, but is not cupped like a typical Austin.
This was labelled English Garden. It's very pretty, but it's not English Garden.

One vote was received for The Herbalist, which fits with the heavily inward-ruffled petals. The Herbalist is so variable that colour can't be used as a determining factor.


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