Peninsular Rose Club

February 2002 Round Table


by Trevor Inkpen

Our February Meeting - a Round table on your garden and what’s going on

Ann J: Has a strata unit, challenge to sneak in plantings. Wants to put in a raised garden in back. Put in micro watering system last year, happy with it. Put in one new rose Pristine last year. Priorities – fragrance and continuous bloom, but now has a 50 50 mix Austins, Hybrid Teas, not having success with Minis. Goal for 2002 – get a gardener!

Anne W Has a city lot, wants one of everything – tender perennials, NZ, Austalian varieties. Likes Austins and Shrub Roses, doesn’t like to spray. Took out a large fir tree, which has opened up shady areas. Has left stump and roots in place. Goals: Bring in soil and move things around. Mutabilis a favorite, Lichtkonigin Lucia – growing 15' – 20’ up a tree.
Question: What is covered by upcoming pesticide ban – insecticide or fungicides as well?
Alternative 1:6 skim milk spray tried by Orma. Does attract wasps until dry. Apply every 10 days. Vi reported to Orma that she had no blackspot last year.

Audrey & Bill B: If you find Hybrid Teas and Floribundas are too much work, try converting to Shrub roses – less disease (English ones get a bit) and bug resistant. Little problems of any kind, prune to 3’. Recommend Lichtkonigin Lucia, Austins, Meilland shrubs. Audrey will make a list of her favorites.

Bernard R: Is now up to 110 roses, 2 new ones last year – climber Berries’n’Cream darkish red & cream blend.Golden Showers is unstoppable, thornless – has to cut off when it gets over the deck. He likes the Flower Carpet roses as ground covers in front of climbers. Prunes Flower Carpets tto keep below 1’, has attractive yellow-orange hips, don’t need to deadhead blooms June 1 'til November. White, Appleblossom, Pink. They can also be trained as climbers. Question - Looking for the ancestry of “Prom”, pinkish Hybrid Tea, short, shy bloomer.

Bev: Small property on W Saanich Rd, gets wind so roses have to be hardy. Roses planted in pots are happy for 2 –3 years and then need to be planted in ground – roses respond well to replanting. Soil is awful, back yard gets morning sun. She would like to renovate the beds into raised beds, but sewers will be coming right through her back yard, so the raised bed idea on hold until after the excavation.
Maintenance year this year – toss out poor performers to make space.

Bev D: Loves roses – has had a home for 6 years near Camosun. Was originally like an English Country Garden, Bev had a courtyard installed in front, and is now looking for roses to grow up cedar terrace/arbour in courtyard. There are two rose beds beside the arbour. Back yard 50 x 150 has another rose arbour, cottage-style garden shed like a dollhouse. She would like to perhaps plant some Golden Showers. Goal is to make roses spectacular. Likes Austins, wants to try some Shrubs, need to know more about soil.

Cathy J – has 8 roses in pots – Lanii, Tuscany Superb, Francois Jurandel, Martin Frobisher, Fru Dagmar Hastrup.

Dodie & John H: Home on Portage inlet 110’ triangle at fork in road – 6 plots for growig roses. 1/2 of the lot is taken by Japanese cherry tree, cedar and greenhouse. Soil is poor, all clay no topsoil – they get 2 –3” standing water in rose beds when it rains. They are avoiding Hybrid Teas, going for shrubs and minis, 60 – 70 roses altogether. Most pruning is done for this year. Last year, tried climbing minis with good results. Favourites: Jeanne Lajoie, 3 – 4 Robusta, Burgund, Bonica, 8-9 Austins. Watering system was installed last year – 75 drips, Goals for this year – replace some of the Hybrid teas with Minis, Pillars or shrubs. Has a Mutabilis which is showing a reverse of the normal progression of colour (got from UBC).

Dorie C: Has a very small garden – first year spent building up soil, then some perennials, then got into fragrant roses. Has Double Delight. Likes lavender roses for the scent, but finds they are weak. Fragrant Plum Blue Nile, Blue Moon Might change two of them. Kay recommends Zephirine Drouhin for growing in shade.

Edwina & John B - 1 acre started 1994 – went from 0 to 170 roses in three years, plus veggies and fruit – perennials and roses have to look after themselves. Doesn’t like spraying. Crowding is a probem - Solitaire was looking bad, dug it out bareroot, replanted, now is healthiest rose – poor health was attributed to being too close to other roses. Will start to thin out the poor performers. Really happy with Roberta Bondar. Royal Sunset, High Hopes Cl. Morning Has Broken (Yellow shrub from Heirloom) long laster as cut flower. Plans to move Jeanne Lajoie, New Dawn and Westerland, and grow some BIG onions.


Ielean S: Small city lot in James Bay, 3 blocks from the water, the garden grew little by little taking over the whole lot.Whenher lot was full she stazrted appropriating neighbors lots, planting perennials, bulbs, roses, a little of everything. Ielean has a 'line-up' of roses in pots in the driveway, waiting for space in the ground. She hasdug out 6 non-performers this year to put in some of the potted roses. Favourites are roses with classic rose fragrance: Mme Isaac Periere, Gertrude Jekyll. Ielean is 2/3 of the way through pruning, but crabgrass in the perennials is a problem. She is establishing a new raised vegetable bed in a neighbors back yard, and has found an apartment-bound gardener to help out on weekends. Disappointed by own-root Austins, and some modern Hybrid Teas, finds it hard to keep minis. The Romantica series roses planted last year have been poor performers - suspect that they don't get enough heat. Plans: defeat crabgrass, divide and thin perennials, move roses from pots to the ground, plant lots of veggies.

Janice L: on Claremont ridge, (250 foot driveway – goal is to put roses all the way down driveway. Formal garden, mostly gardens, bark mulched,. Arbor with Josephs Coat, Royal Sunset with climbers along the fence. Over 100 roses. Had a 100 year old arbutus which came down in the December winds. New roses this year Gemini - Cream with soft coral pink edge. Has done pruning and clean up and mulched – last year was the first time for disease problem because of stress. Hopefully the mulch will help keep the disease spores down. 1 –2 inches. Sandy soil, not much luck with minis.

Jenny J: moved in 5 years ago, inherited an "easy care" garden – Pieres Japonica and Yuccas only. Has been digging and put a rose garden in front side, spring bulbs, keeps plodding along. This year, grew mimosa from seed.

Joan D: Has a 50 x 100 lot, 105 roses, a lot of success with minis. Minis are fussy, need to get quality plants in the first place. Don't bother with the "supermarket specials". Has clay soil, which she has amended. Has a problem keeping Sandalwood. Will be pruning roses right down this year. Pruning climbers are easier in November. Mulching is a help. Joan is trying two Romantica roses this year.

John D– new member – has 3/4 acre on border of park, unique plantings from former owner experimental farm worker. Wife has turned 30 roses over to John. He changes out about 3 roses per year – some are 50 years old. Spraying is a nuisance, but it’s a nice place to be on a sunny day.

Kay G– Small city lot, with no garden 30 years ago, has improved bit by bit, got rid of lawn and now has roses with perennials, bark mulch. Planning doesn’t always work, but accidents can be interesting. Favourites are Pink Japanese Styrax, Alicia (17’), columnar apples, veggies. Pruned the mature Rhodos and removed bottom growth (cutting out on some up to 12’ high) leaving flowers and foliage at top. Mutabilis in bloom in February. Favorites: Summer Wine Cl. Blooms a lot in clusters of 6 or more, slightly frilly, coral-amber, bright stamens, continuous. Problems with deer, will eat anything, dahlias and rhodos included. QUESTION – Treeguard granulates through the winter it can create white granules in container. Does anyone know how to reconstitute it once granulated? Makes a thin film on any plant, so bitter that deer will be discouraged. Garden is work in progress, always thinking of something new. Likes lilies, plants fro winter colour. Shrub - sarcocca Good for cutting and bringing into house, fragrant, tiny shiny leaves, fragrance.

Orma L 11 years ago, yard was 100% rhodos, in full sun. Got rid of them by going to garden club and offered them for free to anyone who'd dig them out. Started putting in roses, and had as many as 150. Not much luck with minis. Has arthritis, so she has been reducing the number of roses, 8 climbers, and a lot of shrubs – the shrubs are difficult to prune because of having to reach over the top – hybrid teas are easier to prune, Last summer and water problem, looks at the garden in a different light. Switching part of garden to BC natives for lower water and maintenance Got one new rose, Teasing Georgia. Any rose that doesn’t live up to expectations gets given away. Has 25 roses that bloom continuously from May – December. That is paying her back for all the work. Rose Shows – don’t decide you want a rose because you saw it at a show – any rose can produce ONE good bloom – in the garden may be very different – get advice from others, Would wish for no Blackspot – last year was the first times in 30 years. Has hard-pruned the roses and put down mulch. Favourites are Valencia, Perdita, The Lady, Austins, Elegant Beauty, Warm Wishes, L’Aimant, she likes the Kordes and Fryer roses for disease resistance. Will try water gel in soil for drought resistance and compare one bed to another.

Perla A: Coping with wet soil in her location, Planning to open new beds. Daughter going out with gardener from Butchart’s, Perla hopes to get some help from him. She has 21 roses, mostly Hybrid Tea, had bad black spot last year. Hasn’t pruned yet – usually prunes in late fall and Feb. Trying different pruning as an experiment. Looking for shrubs and perennials for planting new beds this year. Does a lot of Fruit, berries and veggies. Doesn’t spray, treats roses only with soap. Enjoys herb garden, likes relaxing in garden, hopes for some advice from Club members.

Ruth L : Grows roses under Western Cedars – a challenge. Grows Minis and floribundas, (Anne Jackson asked about house calls for Mini growing) She is used to Ontario where you can forget about the garden until March. No plans for new roses yet. Likes lilies, spring bulbs

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