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Roses of December in Victoria - a picture gallery.
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Garden of Ielean Spanos and Trevor Inkpen. Photos © 1998-2000 Trevor Inkpen

January 2000 L'Aimant - Glamis Castle- Yardley English Rose

December 1998

St. John - This Harkness rose from England was our surprise rose of this year. St. John started the season as a weakly, flopping-on-the-ground plant; we didn't know whether it was going to live. It still needs staking, and is none too large, but it has the most perfectly formed, white blooms and dark green glossy foliage. Just wish it had a stronger fragrance. Here is St. John's offering for December.

Sheer Elegance - Still pretty, porcelain pink even with a few rain spots. Started out with a bang this spring as a first-year plant, but then was fairly sparse with blooms thoughout the year. The blooms we got were beautiful, though.

Hermosa - this balled bud will never open, but it still has its own charm. Hermosa has been troubled this year with disease but did produce better than last year.

Louise Odier - a small bush, she suffered from black spot and rust throught he summer, but rewarded us with a few, intensely pink winter flowers.

Margaret Merrill - still elegant in white. Trevor's favourite among our new introductions. Opens to a loose, flat bloom but never becomes blowsy. Was troubled a bit by blackspot but managed to keep the mildew at bay. Nearly continuous sprays of medium sized blooms.

Molineux - never stopped blooming all year, and still going strong. One of our favorites (please forgive the retouched background in this shot - it was either this or our neighbor's car...)

Mutabilis / Tipo Ideale - keeps blooming bravely in full shade under a cherry tree. The cool weather flowers are cream with a tinge of salmon. In warm weather, they are changable yellow and intense pinks.

Old Blush China - huge bush, its flowers are much darker in cool weather

Renaissance - the last flower and three large hips. A reliable bloomer all year, tall stems, pale pink blooms with a hint of apricot, and a nice fragrance.

Japanese Bloodgrass & Anne Folkard Hardy Geranium Our favourite hardy geranium, Anne Folkard weaves all through the garden sending up hot spots of colour. The Japanese Bloodgrass makes a startling vertical accent.

Kaffir Lily in front of lavender, blooms from October to Christmas, lasts well as a cut flower. Colours range from pale pink to a bright coral pink - this individual is actually more coral than the picture shows.

Sexy Rexy - Here's Rex, doing what he does best - bloom and bloom and bloom. Look at all those buds, hasn't anybody told him it's winter? He isn't bothered at all by the past three weeks' torrential rain - - no balling, and hardly any spotting.


Apothecary Rose

Note on the photography:

These are my first shots with the new Sony Mavica MVC-FD81 digital camera. It can focus down to 1 inch, has both auto and manual focus (a must for flower close-ups), and it stores its pictures straight onto a floppy disk in either 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 resolution. It also has an option to store audio together with the picture - which would be a way to make verbal notes of each of your shots. I didn't try this, but it may have saved me running out to the garden several times to remind myself which rose was which.

Storing photos on floppy disk means two things: with a pocket full of floppies and a spare battery, you can keep shooting all day (you don't run out of storage), and there are no wires or software to install on the computer - just pop in the floppy and open the pictures with Photoshop or FrontPage or what have you - or use them straight on the Web, because they are already stored as JPEG files. Much more convenient and faster up-loading than other cameras, and floppies are much less expensive than Compact Flash memory cards.

These roses were shot at 1024 x 768 resolution and brought into Photoshop for cropping and adjustment. Any problems with focus are purely the fault of the operator.

For more information about this camera, please Email me. Trevor


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