Peninsular Rose Club


  • Brighten up the Daisies
    Bea Kempster
  • Classic Roses
    Peter Beales
  • The Complete Book of Roses
    John Mattock
  • David Austin's English Roses
    D. Austin
  • Flower Drying with a Microwave
    Titia Joostin
  • Gardening with Roses
    Patrick Taylor
  • Gardening with Old Roses
    Sinclair & Thodey
  • Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book
  • Growing and Displaying Roses
    John Mattock, Jane Newdick & Neil Sutherland
  • Growing Roses
    Michael Gibson
  • Growing Roses
    John Mattock
  • How to Grow Roses
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Roses
    Moody & Harkness
  • In Search of Lost Roses
    Thomas Christopher
  • Introduction to English Roses
  • Landscaping with Antique Roses
    Liz Druitt & G. Michael Shoup
  • Making a Rose Garden
    Ethne Clarke
  • Modern Roses 8
    American Rose Society
  • Modern Roses 9
    American Rose Society
  • Modern Roses 10
    American Rose Society
  • Old Fashioned Roses
    Amanda Blake
  • The Old Rose Advisor
    Brent C. Dickerson
  • Old Roses: Rose Info from the Internet
    Randy Merz
  • Ortho Guide to Roses
  • The Quest for Roses
  • Random House Book of Roses
  • Romance in the Garden
    John H. Tobe
  • Roses - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Roses - How to Select, Grow and Enjoy
    HP Books
  • Rose Glossary
  • Twentieth Century Roses
    Peter Beales
  • The Ultimate Rose Book
    Sterling Macoboy
  • Window Boxes, Patios and Tubs
    Robert Hardisty


  • Canadian Rose Society Annuals
  • Canadian Rose Society 'Rosarian' (3 issues / year)
  • Annual Rose Books and Bulletins of the American Rose Society
  • Garden Tools Catalog by Lee Valley Tools
  • Horticultural Show Handbooks (various)
  • Nursery Catalogues (various Canadian and American)
  • Nursery Catalogues - W Kordes Sonne, Germany
  • The Rosebank Letter, articles by Harry McGee (6 issues / year)


  • A Festival of Roses 1994
    Peninsular Rose Club
  • Roseworld 94: 10th World Rose Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Growing Roses Riddel
    (on loan from Vi Heaslip)
  • Videos of the Peninsular Rose Club past shows (gift of Derek Wollard)



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