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Newsletter, May 2007
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May 2007 President's Message

Dear Rose Club members.

This is a brief update on activities at our Victoria Rose Club.

First of all, you will note that the members voted to change our name from Peninsular Rose Club to Victoria Rose Club as it better identifies us.

At a recent Canadian Rose Society meeting with all clubs in Canada via teleconferencing. we discussed adoption of a 3 year " Proposal for Moving Forward" to make CRS more effective with greater participation with all local clubs.Information will be available at our meeting in September.

Some of us have been participating in an extensive Rose Judging program out of Vancouver. Patrick White prepared an excellent program which hopefully will be offered in Victoria in the future.

This brings us to our June 23rd Exhibition and Judged show at Hillside Mall. You were all wonderful with supplying thousands of roses for our exhibition last year. However, we need you now to consider entering the competition part of the show as well. If you've never shown before,, we will supply you with information to assist you and there will be members able to help at the show

My rose bushes seem to have more bugs, aphids, and mildew than ever before but the actual roses are magnificent. Judges take into consideration local conditions so don't be deterred.

Our new Judges also need to get experience and welcome everyone to participate. Ruth d'Hollander is our Exhibition Chairman and can be reached at 383-2156. The Show chairman is Jacueline Bradbury and she can be reached at 389-1379 or to obtain the schedule of events.

The Victoria Flower Arrangers Guild is joining us with this show. As we always have members available to answer questions, sell memberships, promote Roses in 2 hour shifts, Please phone Ruth if you haven't commmitted.

We have an exciting speaker Odile Masquelier from Lyon, France coming to Victoria for the Thanksgiving weekend.

As we are co-hosting this event, with Royal Roads, it will be held at Royal Roads University. Tickets are $10 to defray costs and Gregg Higgs. Head Gardner of the wonderful Rose Gardens at Royal Roads will lead a tour through the gardens at no extra cost.The lecture on Sunday, October 7th is at 1:00 pm. As we will be meeting in the Quarterdeck at the Grant Building, you may want to come for lunch first at Habitat, the adjacent restaurant. Odile will be available after the lecture to meet fellow rosarians.She has also published a beautiful book "La Bonne Maison" which we expect will be available for purchase.

Garden Tours are planned for June so we'll keep you informed through the website.
Any questions, please phone me at 479-22394 or

Happy Gardening!

Pat Calveley



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