Peninsular Rose Club

Peter Beales Talk in Victoria

Sunday July 10 2005 - 3:00 PM
David Lam Auditorium, UVic

Peter Beales' talk in Victoria on July 10 2005 was a success, the auditorium was near full with rose enthusiats. He gave an interesting talk about the use of roses in the landscape, and graciously signed books for all who lined up at the end of the seminar. We sold 34 books for Mr. Beales, gained 11 new members, and raised $500 each from the admissions for the Peninsular Rose Club and the Canadian Rose Society.

We would like to thank the following for their invaluable support:

Peninsular Rose Club volunteers
Canadian Rose Society and Rachel and Ken Flood
Brentwood Bay Nurseries
Quill Services Ltd.
Digital Direct

and the ticket sellers
Dig This (Victoria, Oak Bay, Broadmead & Nanaimo) Brentwood Bay Nurseries, Double D Nursery, Snapdragon Nursery, Campbell River Nursery, Old Rose Nursery

The list of slides that Petere Beales presented was:

PB starting out
R. canina
R. canina hips
R. pimpinellifolia
R. pimpinellifolia hips
R. arvensis
Comte de Chambord at Leeds Castle
Comte de Chambord
Roses with Citrus, S. Australia
R. multiflora, S. Australia
Pink Grüss an Aachen, Pashley Manor
Pink Grüss an Aachen
Irène Watts
Grüss an Aachen
Roses and grey foliage, Castle Howard
Roses and Foxgloves, Elsing Hall
'Hot' border at Pashley Manor
Clematis with R. 'Ferdy'
Roses with cacti on Isle of Capri
Felicia specimen plant
Bloomfield Courage, David Rushton Garden
Général Schablikine, Ninfa, Italy
PB with Buff Beauty
Gardenia, PB Gardens
Archway of roses, PB Gardens
Meg on structure
Sanders Whitem Hex, Belgium
Archway, RNRSociety
Structure in PB Gardens
American Pillar climbing telegraph pole
Ritter von Barmstede on brick pillar
Rose on Mannington Hall, Norfolk
R. helenae, Plumpton Place
R. helenae hips
Mme Grégoire Staechelin
Vielchenblau at Mannington Hall
The Garland
Mme. Alfred Carrière
Penelope on a short wall
Cramiosi Supérieur
Scene at Ninfa, Italyu
Rambling Rector at moat at Elsing Hall
Roses with water
Lily pond at David Rushton
Général Klébar at Elsing Hall
Lord Prior's Garden
Clytemnestra at Cranford Gardens, Brooklyn NY
Bobbie James in Apple tree
Paul's Himalayan Musk at Hex
Charles de Mills in Hawthorn
Wickwar in tree trunk
R. mulliganii in tree
Astra Desmond
Cedar tree at PB Gardes
Ground cover roses
Macrantha 'Raubritter' at PB Gardens
Bonica and pineapple
Ground cover at PB Gardens
Roseraie de l'Hay
Roseraie de l'Hay hedge in autumn
Roseraie de l'Hay
R. virginiana hedge in autumn
R. virginiana
Archiduc Joseph in pot
Bonica half-standard in pot
Prosperity in pot
Scabrosa hips
Staff, PB Gardens
Cuthbert Grant
William Baffin
John Cabot
Henry Kelsey
R. gallica officinalis and Alba Maxima
R. kochiana
Gardener's Joy
Sir John Mills
Return from Australia


Sponsored by The Canadian Rose Society (50th Anniversary)

and the Peninsular Rose Club, Victoria.



Peter Beales: The foremost authority on growing roses, and landscaping with roses

Mr. Beales is President of the Royal National Rose Society in the UK

He is also the owner of Peter Beales Roses

His books:

Classic Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopedia and Grower's Manual of Old Roses, Shrub Roses and Climbers

Visions of Roses

Twentieth-Century Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Grower's Manual of Classic Roses from the Twentieth Century

Passion for Roses : Peter Beales' Comprehensive Guide to Landscaping with Roses

Roses: An illustrated encyclopaedia and grower's handbook of species roses, old roses and modern roses, shrub roses and climbers (combination of the Classic and Twentieth-Century books)

Growing Roses with Peter Beales (VHS Video)

Peter Beales has hybridized these roses:

Anna Pavlova, light pink Hybrid Tea, 2001
Anne-Marie Laing, light pink Floribunda, 2000
Barbara Carrera, ornage blendFloribunda, 1994
Bliss, deep pink Shrub, 2000
Care 2000, pink blend Shrub 1999
Clarence House, white Large-Flowerd Climber, 2000
Dixieland Linda
Dorothy Wilson

Evelyn May, Shrub, 2000
Everest Double Fragrance
Great Ormond Street
Horatio Nelson
Hunslet Moss
James Mason
Jill Dando
John Grooms
Lady Romsey
Macmillan Nurse
Mannington Cascade
Norwich Castle
Norwich Cathedral
Norwich Union
Penelope Plummer
Royal Smile
Sadlers Wells
Sir Frederick Ashton
Summer Sunset
(Beales, 1994)
Uncle Bill
Wilhire Country
William and Mary
Woman's Hour
Wretham Rose
Yardley Baroque



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