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Garden of Bernard Rain, Victoria BC
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Bernard started his rose garden 20 years ago, and has added to it over the years. A few years ago, the vegetable beds were scrapped, and now there are 92 rose bushes. Bernard specializes in modern Hybrid Teas, plus minis and climbers.

He likes a variety of colour - a good scent is nice, but colour and flower shape takes precedence. Other important factors in rose choices is a bloom that can be cut and lasts well for indoor display, and a bush that provides at least two flushes of flowers per year.

Some favourites are Friendship, Joseph's Coat, Color Magic and Rainbow's End mini because of their changing colours.

The Canadian-bred mini Super Cascade Coral was introduced at the Grand Forks BC Centennial celebrations in 1996. It makes a good groundcover rose with lots of bloom. Rose Photos ->

East bed:
4 Poinsettia (red)
4 Peace (yellow-pink blend)
Brandy (apricot)
Ingrid Bergman (dark red)
Promise (light pink)
Secret (pink-white blend)
Summer Sunshine (yellow)
Expo (red)
City of London (light pink, fragrant)
Sunsprite / Fresia (yellow)
Friendship (pink variable)
Touch of Class (coral pink)
Chicago Peace (yellow pink blend)
Sundowner (orange)
Seashell (pink)
Joseph's Coat (variable)
Polynesian Sunset (coral orange)
Helen Traubel (light pink)
Pleasure (pink)
West bed:
2 x Pink Peace
Chicago Peace
Winnipeg Parks (bright red)
Sunrise Sunset (red with white edge)
2 x Tiffany (pink, fragrant)
Tropicana (orange-red)
Gold Medal (yellow)
Red Radiance (red)
New Day (yellow)
2 x Garden State (pink)
Ambridge Rose (apricot Austin fragrant)
Intrigue (deep red-purple)
Red Peace / Karl Herbst (red)
Climbers (West facing):
Golden Showers (yellow, single, vigorous, continuous bloom, almost thornless, short keeper)
Dublin Bay (red)
Handel (white-pink-mauve)

Starina (mini, red-orange)
Pink Peace (pink)
Color Magic (pink blend variable)
Invitation (orange)
Queen Elizabeth (pink)
Dr Brownell (yellow)
Tropicana (orange)
John Franklin (medium red)

Back Fence Climber bed:
5 x Bloomin' Easy (red rugosa)
intertwined with
4 x Simplicity (pink single-flowered)
Europeana Climber (dark red)
Iceberg Climber (white)

Mini Bed (foreground):
Super Cascade Coral (coral pink)
Baby Grand (pink)
Beauty Secret (red)
Rainbow's End (yellow-red variable)
Texas (yellow)
Mary Marshall (orange-red)
Carrot Top (orange)
Pacesetter (white)

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