View Royal Garden Club Rose Show 2003

Best In Show- Vi Heaslip- Bowl
Best Arrangement- Ann & Michael Fox
Best Bloom in Show- Vi Heaslip- Canadian White Star
Best Spray- Ann & Michael Fox- Altissimo
Most Fragrant- Joan Bryant- Mister Lincoln

A Division - Single
Specimen Bloom Hyb. Tea, red
1st Joan Bryant- Burgund
2nd Barb Munton- Burgund

Specimen Bloom Hyb. Tea, white
1st Vi Heaslip- Canadian White Star
2nd Vi Heaslip- Tineke
3rd Vi Heaslip- Memoire

Specimen Bloom Hyb. Tea, yellow
1st Vi Heaslip- Helmut Schmidt
2nd Ann & Michael Fox- Peace
Hon. Mention Vi Heaslip- Keepsake
Hon. Mention Vi Heaslip- Selfridges

Specimen Bloom Hyb. Tea, pink
1st Anne Jackson- Lynn Anderson
2nd Vi Heaslip- LeeAnn Rimes
3rd Anne Jackson- Broadway

Specimen Bloom, Floribunda
1st Ann & Michael Fox- Simplicity
2nd Vi Heaslip- Sheila's Perfume

Specimen Bloom, Grandiflora
1st Barb Munton- Love

Specimen Bloom Austin
1st Elaine Yaxley-Heritage
2nd Elaine Yaxley-Abraham Darby

B Division - Spray
Spray Hyb. Tea
2nd Anastasia Spanos- Dainty Bess

Spray Floribunda or Polyantha
1st Ann & Michael Fox- Simplicity
2nd Anne Jackson- Sexy Rexy
3rd Joan Bryant- Scarlet Queen Elizabeth
Hon. Mention Vi Heaslip- Playboy

Spray Austin
1st Anne Jackson- Sweet Juliet
2nd Anastasia Spanos- Gertrude Jekyll

Spray Shrub (other than Austin)
1st Anastasia Spanos- Golden Wings
2nd Ann & Michael Fox- Ballerina
3rd Joan Bryant- Lyda Rose

Spray Climber
1st Ann & Michael Fox- Altissimo
2nd Ann & Michael Fox- New Dawn

Spray OGR
1st Anastasia Spanos- Sombreuil
2nd Karen Krawchuk- Marbree

C Division - Miscellaneous
Cycle of Bloom

1st Ann & Michael Fox- Simplicity
2nd Ann & Michael Fox- Altissimo
3rd Vi Heaslip- Savoy Hotel

Rose in Frame
1st Ann & Michael Fox- Peace
2nd Anastasia Spanos- Jazz
3rd Vi Heaslip- Frohsinn
Hon. Mention Anastasia Spanos- McCartney Rose

Any Bloom - Fragrance
1st Joan Bryant - Mister Lincoln
2nd Anne Jackson- Abraham Darby

Any Bloom - Attractive Stamens
1st Ann & Michael Fox- Altissimo
2nd Vi Heaslip- Blueberry Hill 2
3rd Anastasia Spanos- First Light

Bud - in own vase
1st Karen Krawchuk- Helen Traubel
Hon. Mention Barb Munton- Sea Pearl

Bowl of Roses
1st Vi Heaslip - bowl
2nd Ann & Michael Fox- bowl

D Division - Miniature
Miniature - 1 in wineglass
1st Loraine Noel- Cal Poly
Hon. Mention Vi Heaslip- Pink Petticoat

Miniature - 1 spray
1st Barb Munton- Work Of Art
2nd Joan Bryant- Hilo

Miniature - 3 blooms in box
1st Joan Bryant- Winsome
2nd Vi Heaslip- Happy Hour, Little Girl, Minnie Pearl

E Division - Decorative
Arrangement of Roses

1st - Ann & Michael Fox
2nd -Karen Krawchuk

Composition: "Days of Wine and Roses"
1st Karen Krawchuk
2nd Ann & Michael Fox
2nd Jean Muir
Hon. Mention Anne Jackson

Design of Roses 'Simplicity'
1st Ann & Michael Fox

(Unofficial results)


The 2003 View Royal Garden Club Rose Show was held June 21 at the All Saints Church Hall, Victoria BC Canada.

The photos are arranged into 4 preview pages: Previews 1 Previews 2 Previews 3 Previews 4 or follow the list on the left.

There were 160 entries from 14 exhibitors.

The Roy Smith Rose Bowl for High Aggregate, the Best Arrangement ribbon, and the Best Spray ribbon all went to Ann and Michael Fox, who did very well with their Simplicity and Altissimo entries. Vi Heaslip won the Best in Show ribbon for her bowl of yellow blooms, and The Ruby Creighton Cup for Best Bloom in Show for Canadian White Star. Joan Bryant won The E. Mace Trophy for Most Fragrant Rose with her Mister Lincoln.

For more information about the View Royal Garden Club, contact Anastasia Spanos,

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