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Memory for Gigabyte Server Motherboards- ECC

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PC RAM - Intel/AMD Desktop - Laptop
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Akai, E-Mu, Fostex, Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha memory upgrades

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Laser Printer Memory
Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox/Tektronix, Okidata, Canon, Samsung, Brother printers

DDR5 Desktop memory for Alder Lake / Z690 motherboards

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Gigabyte Server motherboard RAM

Email us if you don't see your model, or if you would like help with configuration.
Note: Do not mix ECC Registered and ECC Unbuffered modules or ECC Registered and Load Reduced modules in the same machine. If you are not sure which you have, send us a photo of the existing RAM's label(s)

Gigabyte C621-SD8 Motherboard
C621-SU8 Motherboard
C621-WD12 Motherboard
G190-H44 Server (MG30-G10)
G221-Z30 Server (MZ31-AR0)
G250-G50 Server (MG50-G21)
G250-G51 Server (MG50-G20)
G250-G52 Server (MG50-G21)
G250-S88 Server
G25N-G51 Server (MG50-G20)
G291-280 Server (MG51-G21)
G291-281 Server (MG51-G21)
G291-2G0 Server (MG51-G21)
G291-Z20 Server (MZ21-G20)
G481-H80 Server (MG61-G40)
G481-H81 Server (MG61-G40)
G481-HA0 Server (MG61-G40)
G481-HA1 Server (MG61-G40)
G481-S80 Server (MG61-G40)
GS-R280-F38 Server
H231-G20 Server (MH61-HD3)
H231-H60 Server (MH61-HD5)
H261-3C0 Server (MH61-HD3)
H261-H60 Server (MH61-HD5)
H261-H61 Server (MH61-HD5)
H261-N80 Server (MH61-HD3)
H261-Z60 Server (MZ61-HD0)
H270-F4G Server (MH70-HD0)
H270-H70 Server (MH70-HD1)
H27N-H70 Server (MH70-HD1)
H281-PE0 Server (MH81-LM0)
MB51-PS0 Motherboard
MD30-RS0 Motherboard
MD50-LS0 Motherboard
MD60-SC0 Motherboard
MD60-SC1 Motherboard
MD61-SC2 Motherboard
MD70-HB0 Motherboard
MD70-HB1 Motherboard
MD70-HB2 Motherboard
MD71-HB0 Motherboard
MD80-TM0 Motherboard
MD80-TM1 Motherboard
MD90-FS0 Motherboard
MF51-ES0 Motherboard
MF51-ES1 Motherboard
MF51-ES2 Motherboard
MH60-RE1 Motherboard
MU70-SU0 Motherboard
MW50-SV0 Motherboard
MW51-HP0 Motherboard
MW70-3S0 Server Board
MZ01-CE0 Motherboard
MZ01-CE1 Motherboard
MZ31-AR0 Motherboard
R151-Z30 Server (MZ31-AR0)
R160-S34 Server (MD50-LS0)
R180-F28 Server (MD90-FS0)
R180-F2A Server (MD90-FS0)
R180-F34 Server
R181-2A0 Server (MR91-FS0)
R181-340 Server (MR91-FS0)
R181-N20 Server (MR91-FS0)
R181-NA0 Server (MR91-FS0)
R181-Z90 Server (MZ91-FS0)
R181-Z91 Server (MZ91-FS0)
R181-Z92 Server (MZ91-FS0)
R18N-F2A Server (MD90-FS0)
R260-R3C Server (MD50-LS0)
R270-D70 Server (MD70-HB2)
R270-R3C Server (MD70-HB0)
R271-Z31 Server (MZ31-AR0)
R280-A3C Server (MD90-FS0)
R280-F2O Server
R280-F3C Server (MD90-FS0)
R280-G2O Server
R281-2O0 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-3C0 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-3C1 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-3C2 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-G30 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-N40 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-NO0 Server (MR91-FS0)
R281-Z91 Server (MZ91-FS0)
R281-Z92 Server (MZ91-FS0)
R28N-F2O Server (MD90-FS0)
R28N-F3C Server (MD90-FS0)
S451-3R0 Storage Server
T181-G20 Server (MG21-OP0)
W281-G40 Workstation
64 GB ECC LR 4RMemory Image Email for quote
8 GB Quad Rank "x8" ECC RegMemory Image Email for quote

Gigabyte GA-8I875 Motherboard
GA-8I875 Ultra Motherboard
GA-8ICXT Motherboard
GA-8IK1100 (Rev 2.0) Motherboard
GA-8IK1100 Motherboard
GA-8IKHXT Motherboard
GA-8IKXR Motherboard
GA-8IKXW Motherboard
GA-8IKXW-E Motherboard
GA-8KNXP (Rev 2.0) Motherboard
GA-8KNXP Ultra (Rev 2.0) Motherboard
GA-8KNXP Ultra-64 Motherboard
GA-8KNXP/GA-8KNXP Ultra Motherboards
GS-SR147L Server
GS-SR147S Server
GS-SR147S-N Server
1 GB ECC URMemory Image Major Brand/3rd Party 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz ECC 128x72 CL3 2.5v DIMM Major Brand/3rd party: 61624- 61624 $ 88 Stock at Supplier, 4 - 9 days
2 GB Kit (2x1G) ECC URMemory Image Major Brand/3rd Party Kit of 2 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz ECC 128x72 CL3 2.5v DIMM Major Brand/3rd party: 61624x2- 61624x2 $ 137 Stock at Supplier, 4 - 9 days

Gigabyte GA-8EGXDR Motherboard
GA-8EGXDR-E Motherboard
GA-8EGXDR-EC Motherboard
GA-8EGXDR-EL Motherboard
GA-8EGXR Motherboard
GA-8EGXR-C Motherboard
GA-8EGXRP/GA-8EGXRP-E Motherboard
GA-8EGXRP-EC Motherboard
GA-8IPXDR Motherboard
GA-8IPXDR-C Motherboard
GA-8IPXDR-E Motherboard
GA-8IPXDR-EC Motherboard
GA-9ILDR Motherboard
GA-9IVDTH Motherboard
GS-SR195V Server
GS-SR222 Server
GS-SR222E Server
GS-SR295 Server (DDR)
GS-SR326E Server
1 GB ECC RegMemory Image Major Brand/3rd Party 1GB DDR PC2100 266MHz REG. ECC 128x72 CL2.5 2.5v DIMM 64x4 36 Chip Major Brand/3rd party: 61609-1- 61609-1 $ 82
2 GB Kit (2x1G) ECC RegMemory Image Major Brand/3rd Party Kit of 2 1GB DDR PC2100 266MHz REG. ECC 128x72 CL2.5 2.5v DIMM 64x4 36 Chip Major Brand/3rd party: 61609-1x2- 61609-1x2 $ 125 Stock at Supplier, 4 - 9 days

Enterprise drives

Availability and pricing can change without notice.

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